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  • Astrological Gemstones / Rashi Ratan


    Welcome to the world of Astrological Real Gemstones. We manufacture nearly all the Gemstones that are defined by Astrology. All our Gemstones are Genuine and comes along with a Authorized Certificate. We understand that for the end customer, its very difficult to know that which quality of Gemstone (as suggested by their astrologer or if wearing a Birth Stone) they should purchase. For the same purpose, we have divided the Gemstones in different Qualities with exact prices, making it easy for the customer to select as per their requirement.

    Please note a simple important point, Gemstone Quality is categorized by  the color and the inclusions inside the Gemstone. Obviously, "Good Visible Stone Color with fewer inclusions" will cost more than "the Dull Stone Color with more Inclusions"Price Increase is based on "Color goes on increasing and inclusions go on decreasing".  But, all our Gemstones are 100% genuine and so suppose to carry the all the Energies of that particular Gemstone as the chemical composition of the stone is same. As per astrologers, Better Quality of Stone suppose to yeild fast results*. 

    We suggest that if you are buying the Gemstone for astrological reasons, please select the quality that suit your budget initially and wear it for few months,, if you see desired results, purchase better quality again as per your budget or otherwise re-consult your astrologer.

    If you are buying the Gemstone for Jewellery Purpose, you should purchase the highest Quality Possible as "better the quality better the Glare and Beauty of that piece."  

    We also make Rings or Pendants in Gold, Silver, Penta-Alloy (as per the stone) for the gemstones purchased from our store. 

                + Yellow Sapphire ( PukhRaj )                                                            + Blue Sapphire ( Neelam )                                                           + Ruby ( Manik or Manikya )   

                +  Emerald ( Panna )                                                                             +  Cats Eye ( Lehsunia )                                                                 + Hessonite ( Gomed )          

                + Red Coral ( Lal Munga / Moonga )                                                  + White Coral ( Safed Munga / Moonga )                                   + Pearl ( Moti )

                + Amethyst ( Jamunia / Kataila )                                                       + Citrine ( Sunela )                                                                          + Lapis Lazulli ( Lajward )

                + Tiger's Eye ( Chiti )                                                                            + Black Chalcedony ( Sulemani Akik / Haqiq )                         + Moonstone ( Chandrakant  Mani )

                + SardOnyx                                                                                            + Turquoise ( Firoza )                                                                       + Zircon                    

    The question that may come to many is that "How would I believe that your Gemstones are genuine and of lowest prices?" If this is what is also coming to your mind then here is the solution:

    "For Gemstone/Birthstone Authenticity, we provide a certificate from a Govt. Authorized Laboratory, so that issue is resolved.

    Second is the lowest pricing, as you know that to analyase Gemstones Quality, you need to have a  very good knowledge and experience of Gemology. We understand that the end customer is not a Gemologist, so we suggest you to go to your nearest Gemstone Shop or Astrologer (who also sells Gemstones), tell them that you want to spend some "X" amount for the piece ("X" amount is the cost at which you have purchased your gemstone from our store.)  Now, they will show you the piece, just compare the peice to ours, we assure that even you would know that you have taken a right decision in purchasing from us, because as a manufacturer we know how much a Retailer will charge you for the same kind of Gemstone! "                                                      

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